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An Elegant Façade FAQ


What does Georgina have? Why don't you name it? (Spoilers Warning) 

Colin's faith seems different than the other Hawthornes. Am I imagining things? 

Photo Credit Correction

In the acknowledgements, I gave credit to Rebecca Long Photography for my awesome new author photo. While Rebecca did take my new author photo, due to a miscommunication it didn't end up on the back cover of the first run of An Elegant Façade. So to correct that, here's the picture Rebecca took and you should still look into using her amazing skills if you're in the Birmingham, AL area and in need of an event photographer! 


The answer to these questions as well as others relating to the series can now be found on the main FAQ page. 

An Elegant Façade Inspiration Music

Why these songs?

Music Muse: Mended by Matthew West

June 22, 2016

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