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Miss Bianca Caulfield's time is running out. If she hasn't found a husband by the end of the season, she'll face the terrifying wrath of her father. Since the only man she's ever loved views her as nothing but a little sister, she may have to settle for the cold man who wants little more than her dowry. 


Landon Sinclair, Viscount of Braidstone, can't abide the thought of Bianca's sweet spirit at the mercy of a calculating baron. But when another suitable candidate can't be found will he be willing to sacrifice himself to save her?


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7 author serial story posted on Regency Reflections. Kristi wrote Section 5 and the Epilogue


Cressida Blackstone has three months to do something she thought she’d never do – get married. Three years earlier, her merchant father lost his money, forcing her to abandon her plans of marrying an aristocrat in need of an heiress. Now her aunt has changed everything, leaving her vast fortune to Cressida but only if she marries within six months.


Only three months remain until her deadline and Cressida has decided to travel to London and land herself a husband, but her past waylays her on the road.


Ross Ainsworth expected Cressida’s aunt’s wealth to come to him – he was her grandson after all. Now he’s offered himself as an escort to take Cressida to London. But does he actually want her to arrive?


Cressida left Tristram, Viscount Chard when she no longer had the funds to refill his coffers. Breaking off their impending marriage was the only way to free him to find another heiress. But is he thankful or desirous of revenge?


Lord Twiford never approved of Cressida’s relationship with Chard. But was it because he didn’t like Cressida or because he liked her too much?


Now Cressida must decide who wants her heart and who wants her money.


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