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Links and Resources

For the Regency Enthusiast

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This blog is no longer posting, but numerous historical articles remain.

(Subscription required) See years of newspapers from all over England.

A collection of articles about Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency period.

One of my favorite books about country houses and visualizing them.

A blog about the places, people, and manners of the Regency era in England.

Amazing resources on lots of things but the best resource I've found on titles.


*some links may be affiliate links

On Faith and Christianity

An app with multiple versions of the Bible and Bible reading plans.

Audio Bible app with multiple versions available.

A resource to help you read through the entire Bible in chronological order.

Videos, lessons, and articles about the Bible, how to read it, and how it always points to Jesus.

Articles, books, and materials on apologetics and in depth faith and Bible questions.


For Writers

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A tool for writing and organizing book projects.

Look up words or phrases to find tangential words and phrases in a broader variety than a regular thesaurus.

*some links may be affiliate links

For Readers

Follow authors for new releases, deals, and book suggestions.

Track your reading, find new books, and add reviews and ratings.

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