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Need a speaker for your school group, writers' meeting, or faith ministry? 

During COVID-19, as events and meetings have moved online, Kristi is offering a limited number of online speaking engagements for free. If you are interested in having Kristi speak at your virtual gathering, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Ministry Topics

Understanding Your Value as God's Creation

       What is self-worth more important than self-esteem? How does that impact how we look at ourselves, other people, and how we fit into the bigger picture around us. (Available in a interactive version for small groups or a teaching version for large groups.)

Be the You God Made You to Be

       Genesis 1:27 says we are made in God's image but what does that mean? What characteristics of God have we inherited? How have they been altered or buried by sin?

Other topics may be available. Put your request in the comments section of the form below. 

Writing Topics

Understanding Your Value as a Christian Creator

       A writer's version of the ministry presentation on value. As created beings, made in God's image, how should we be fostering the creativity in ourselves? How do we make the art we are called to make? How do we stay true to our calling in the face of criticism and insecurity? 

Deep POV

       How do I know if I'm writing in deep POV? What is deep POV anyway? How do I know what to include and what to leave out? Walk through the different aspects of deep POV and see how they work in a short rewritten passage from Pride and Prejudice. 

Show And Tell

      We've all heard the adage show don't tell when it comes to writing, but the truth is far more nuanced that the simple rule would imply. Learn how to know when to show and when to tell along with tools for doing both in the most effective way possible. 

A Survey of Plotting Styles

       Plotter panster, somewhere in between? Unsure if you should use the three act structure? Worried that you'll never be able to write a book if you hate doing character surveys? There are as many writing styles as there are authors but they fall into a few basic categories. Learn the difference in plotting styles so you can finesse what you are already doing or find a new method to try. 

Hooklines and Sinkers

       First lines are important. The opening of a book, a scene, a chapter can compel the reader to continue or allow them to set the book down. When paired with compelling scene and chapter closing lines, your writing can sink its claws into your reader and keep them up past their bedtime. 

Scholastic Topics

How to write Historic Fiction

        Where do you find your research sources? How do you know what to leave in or take out? What makes a historical story relevant to modern readers? All this and more to help inspire students curious about writing fictional history. 

It Takes A Village

       Love books but don't really want to be a writer? Curious about how a book goes from concept to reality? Walk through the publishing process and learn the different stages and roles that go into making a book. 

Book Clubs

Book Chat

       Has your book club read a Kristi Ann Hunter book? I'd love to drop in and answer questions and say hello! 

Publishing Chat

       Is your book club curious about the publishing industry? We can discuss the lifecycle of a book, whether or not authors choose their own titles, and how many people it really takes to put that book in your hands. 

Interested in having Kristi come speak? 

If you are seeking a seeking for a specific time and date, please enter that here. 
If your meeting time is flexible, please list options below. They can be a range of times such as "Weekday Morning" or "Any Thursday evening at 7." 

Thank you for submitting! We will be in touch with you soon.

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