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I'm a Recording Artist!

When I was in high school, I had dreams of becoming a recording artist. I loved singing, loved the idea of writing songs, and the life of a singer looked so glamorous.

Side note: I have friends in the music industry now and I can tell you that it isn't half as glamorous as I thought 16 year old me thought it would be, so there's that.

Anyway, I would record cassette tapes (remember those) and make up songs and practice my interview skills in the shower. It was fabulously entertaining until I realized that while I may be an above average singer, a career in music was not in my future. I simply hadn't put the work in to become that good.

So I went into computers instead. And now I'm writing books. Basically, life is a funny thing.

But the thing about God is, that He remembers those secret little desires buried in the corners of your heart. He doesn't forget the things you placed in His care while you followed the path He laid out for your life. His timing is perfect.

It was a long, bumpy road to end up at the church we're at now, but I love it. One of the things I like about it is the phenomenal music program. They have a songwriters group that meets and works on songs and occasionally one enters the Sunday morning song rotation. I love some of these songs and was always sad that I couldn't listen to them during the week - But now I can!

My church put out a CD and... drum roll, please... I'm on it! I'm singing background vocals with the choir on some of the songs. The recording experience was a lot of fun and very educational and possibly further proof that I'm better off as a writer than a singer, though participating in the CD release concert last night was exciting.

The point is, that God's got His own incredible timing. Trust Him with your dreams and you never know how He'll shape them.

Also, if you like Praise and Worship music, check out Eagles Landing Music Vol. 1 because there are some really amazing songs on it.

Download from Amazon or check your favorite streaming service for availability.

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