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Five Reasons to be a Good Little Reader

A recent Ted Talk said that your social engagement with other people was one of the most deciding factors in living a long life. I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be face-to-face interactions, but, hey, internet friends have to count for something, right?

And because I care about all of your SO MUCH, I've got a new Facebook group where you can interact, bond, and fill up that social meter with other book loving peeps.

Why Good Little Readers?

The short answer? Because of a sticker. The long answer? Because all of y'all are readers, you're awesome, and your little thumbnail pics on my facebook screen are little. ;)

Kristi's Good Little Readers started at CFRR 2017 when I handed out stickers to fans who'd read a Kristi Ann Hunter book. (See? Here's a pick of Nancy wearing one of those fun little stickers. Oh, and I'm in the pic, too.)

The good news is that book completion is not a requirement of group membership! You just have to love books and love fun.

Need more incentive? No problem.

Here's five reasons to join the community:

1. We have fun.

Need proof? We spent one Friday trolling the internet for the strangest things you could buy for under $100. I now know that Yoga Joes are a thing. (As are cockroach pillows, but I'll spare you a picture of that.)

2. Special Q&A sessions and announcements

Got a question? Want to know what's going on behind the scenes? This is the place. You never know when I'll pop up to do something like introduce you to my new mascots or tease about a new contest coming up. (cough, cough - Friday, February 2 9:00ish eastern - cough, cough)

3. Give your feedback!

You never know what I'm going to show up and ask. It could be your opinion on things you'd like me to post about, your best ideas for the name of a horse, or the best blog on the internet.

This is an incredible way to be part of the process (plus it let's me be lazy while y'all do some of my thinking for me!)

4. Give-a-ways!

You never know when I'll pop up and give something away. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to torture myself with the post office and there's no better way to do that then spreading love to my good little readers.

5. Sneak Peeks

Sometimes I'm just bursting to get a book in your hands early. Unfortunately I can't REALLY do that, but I can share snippets. Maybe a line that I wrote and I particularly loved, maybe a short snippet of an upcoming book, maybe just an inspiration pic I found that spurred me to write 3000 words. (Yeah, I'll be sharing that this week. Get ready to swoon.)

BONUS REASON: I am working on something REALLY COOL to start in February. If you love reading Christian fiction, you want to be a part of it!

Still not sure?

It doesn't cost anything to check us out. Come join. Don't like it? Facebook has a handy dandy leave group button and you can still follow my main Facebook page or join my newsletter and be in on all the big news.

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