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Enchanting the Heiress Launch Calendar

The best part about a new Kristi Ann Hunter book is, of course, the book itself, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little additional fun when it comes out!

See below for descriptions of some of the ways and places you'll be able to join Kristi to celebrate, learn more about the book, and maybe even win a prize!

(All times are eastern)

February 22, 1PM - Live reading of Chapter 1. Will definitely be on Instagram, may also be on Facebook and YouTube if I can get my technical ducks in a row.

February 27 - Prayer Launch Day. Takes place wherever you happen to be. Click here for details.

March 1 - Official Launch Day!!!! If you are on IG look for the "Share your book selfie" grouping in my stories! Also be watching for details about the "Travel Journal Contest" that will start on this day.

March 1 - Game day! Kristi will be going live throughout the day and you can request to join! Get selected as a participant to play a game and you could win a really fun prize. Planned times (which could change slightly depending upon life) are:

Instagram: 10:00AM, 2:00 PM, 7:00PM, 9:00PM

Facebook Good Little Readers: Noon, 8:00PM

Main Facebook Page: 5:00PM

March 3, Noonish - Pinterest Inspiration Boards released

March 4, Noonish - Which Hearts on the Heath Character Are You? Quiz goes live

March 7 - A Rough Draft Life discusses Enchanting the Heiress themes on the podcast

March 8 - Takeover Tuesday on Instagram! Sophie from Winning the Gentleman will be in the stories to answer questions about her brother and dear friend.

March 10 Noonish - Inspiration Playlists released

March 11 - DORK (Day of Random Kindness) Take some time to do something nice and anonymous for someone in your neighborhood. Kristi will be posting a few ideas in the facebook reader group and throughout the day in her IG stories.

March 15 - Travel Journal Contest comes to a close.

April 5 - Book Club Day in Good Little Readers facebook group.

Looking for locations for these events?

Kristi's Instagram Account

Kristi's Facebook Page

Good Little Readers Facebook Group

Want to get your own copy of Enchanting the Heiress?

Find a variety of purchase links here.

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