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Live Game Play to celebrate Enchanting the Heiress

Enchanting the Heiress is launching March 1, and to celebrate I'm inviting you to play a game with me!

How to Play

When I go live, put in your request to join the live broadcast. I'll select one or two people in each session to play one of the games listed below.

After the game, you'll get to tell me where you want to drop the disc from on the game board. (It will make sense in the video!) You'll win whatever prize slot the disc drops into.



By requesting to join the live, you are agreeing to have your likeness and actions shown and saved on my social media without any additional compensation other than the prize won during game play.

If, during the live, you behave in a way that should not be broadcast - including but not limited to inappropriate language - the connection will be immediately stopped and any prize will be forfeited.

International winners agree to receive a gift card of appropriate value instead of the physical prize. Prizes will be mailed to US winners within two weeks of game play.

Possible Games

- KAH Trivia - Answer basic trivia questions about previous Kristi Ann Hunter books (Don't worry, I won't ask you anything nitpicky like someone's eye color or shoe size.)

- Bookshelf scavenger hunt - Find books from your shelf that fit different categories. (These are simple things, like a cover with a lot of blue, a title starting with the word "The", etc.)

- Password - The Hubs wrote down a series of words. Let's see how many you can get me to guess.

- Charades - No speaking. Just flailing. Can we get each other to guess the clues?

- Grow the flower - Guess the word letter by letter. If you guess wrong, the flower gets a petal. (Yes, this is a less violent version of hangman.)

- Last letter - You and I will go back and forth naming things in a particular category. Each answer must start with the last letter of the previous answer. Stump the other person and get a point.

- Draw by ear - I will give you directions to draw a picture. If you can guess what the picture is after you draw it - you get a point!

- KAHordle - Yes. It's like Wordle. But mine.


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