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I am an Author (Guest post on Just Commonly)

When AN UNCOMMON COURTSHIP hit the shelves last week, I had a moment of intense revelation. A thought occurred to me that had previously been playing at the edges of my brain. It might not seem very profound to readers, might even seem a little strange that it wasn't until my fourth book got into readers' hands that it occurred to me, but for me, it was a big deal. AND the big revelation was: I am an author.

I know what you're thinking, wouldn't the first book have solidified that? Yes, in a way it did, but AN UNCOMMON COURTSHIP was different than anything else I'd published. It was the first book I'd written entirely under contract. It was by far the hardest book I'd written. And when paired with the fact that I'd just turned in the manuscript for the last Hawthorne House novel, there was something about Trent's story that made me feel like writing books was now my career. I could look forward to more contracts, more books, more years of writing on my way to becoming like the authors who had inspired me to write in the first place.

Today, I'd like to share my journey to authordom in the way that only a writer can: through books.

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