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What to Do When the Conference Buzz Wears Off

If you are like me, you come back from a conference buzzing with energy, purpose and determination. Ideas are swirling through your head faster than you can catch them and you hit the ground running with the intention of changing the world.

Of course, this ground running happens on Tuesday because Monday is for physically recovering from the go-go-go of conference, but I digress...

The point is that I've done this enough to know that the conference buzz only lasts for so long. It may get me to start a project, but it doesn't carry it through to the end. Which is why I was so excited to get back from conference and discover that this is up for pre-order:

If you've been following me for a while you know I love Jon Acuff's stuff and have learned loads of helpful productivity and motivation tools from him. And now I'll be getting another set. It comes out in September, just in time to save me from the conference slump that I know is coming.

So whether you're just coming back from RWA17, gearing up for ACFW17, or heading to one of the other small conferences like M&M, check out this book and see how it can help you finish all the wonderful things conference encourages you to start.

- Finish your manuscript

- Complete that agent or editor submission

- Follow through on your self-publishing dreams

Whatever it is, make it actually happen.

Or maybe you aren't a writer and all of those acronyms mean diddly. That's okay too because we've all got something in our lives we want to finish. I'm looking forward to learning how to make sure that happens.

Places to Pre-order Finish:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Indiebound | BAM! | Local book store

If you're a writer and don't want to wait to see some of Jon's down to earth wisdom, check out his weekly writer's tip email list.

*Some links included are affiliate links but my Jon Acuff enthusiasm is totally genuine. ;)


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