Scapulae and Bible Study

Let me tell you a story about this new workout series I'm doing. It's called yogasthenics and yes, that is a combination of yoga and calisthenics, meaning it's intended to build strength using a base of yoga poses and flows.

It's also ridiculously difficult.

Still, in that very first session, as I adjusted and readjusted each and every move into something a normal, out-of-shape human could manage, I had an epiphany.

Did you know that when doing the downward dog pose, you are supposed to activate your scapulae? That's what the instructor said. (Yes, this instructor was so advanced, he could not be low enough to say push back your shoulder blades.) For the first time in my life I could do downward dog without wanting to Old Yeller it.

For most of you that is a piece of information you either already had, didn't want, or are now sorry you know, and fortunately for you, that isn't my point.

You see, this little tidbit about shoulder position was nestled amongst a variety of other really advanced moves. At one point he said if you are ready for a challenge just slide up into your handstand as you make this transition.

He then proceeded to not only slide beautifully into a handstand but then lower himself into a plank from said position in a controlled manner.

I crawled my feet back like I was trapped on a roof trying to feel out the top rung of a ladder.

While the only time I looked remotely like the guy on the screen was the final move when we were laying on the floor staring at the ceiling, I loved it. I went back for more. I intend to finish the series.