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Music Muse ~ Beautiful Things by Gungor

*WARNING* Mild spoilers can be found in the explanation below the video. If you have not yet read A Lady of Esteem you might want to save this post for later.

This is a beautiful acoustic version of a song that was actually part of the inspiration for the entire Hawthorne House series. All too often we think our pasts have made us ugly, our shortcomings have made us unusable, our failures are set in stone.

As the song states, we are constantly being made new. When we give our lives to God He is not hampered by the dirt and filth of our past or our sin. As Anthony discovered in A Lady of Esteem, anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Find out more about Gungor and their music on their website. Beautiful Things can be found on the Beautiful Things album.

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