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Music Muse ~ Forgive Yourself by DownHere

*WARNING* Mild spoilers can be found in the explanation below the videos. If you have not yet read A Lady of Esteem you might want to save this post for later.

This is another video that really isn't a video. Feel free to lose your eyes and listen to the lyrics.

If you've read the book you don't have to reach too far to find where this song inspired the story. Anthony carries the weight of past sin despite the fact that God has forgiven him for all of it. Too often we keep recalling things we've done when Jesus has already paid the price for that sin and God has cast it fas far as the east is from the west. (Psalm 103:12)

Find out a little bit more about Downhere and their music at their website. It's a bit outdated and some of the links are broken since the band retired in 2013. Forgive Yourself is off the album Wide-Eyed and Mystified and should still be available at most online music retailers.

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