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Music Muse ~ Who I Am Hates Who I've Been by Relient K

*WARNING* Mild spoilers can be found in the explanation below the videos. If you have not yet read A Lady of Esteem you might want to save this post for later.

This has been a powerful song for me personally over the years. It is all too easy to beat ourselves up over the past. Anthony holds himself down for the things he's done while Amelia harbors her own form of self-recrimination based on what life has thrown at her over the years. The second verse in particular played into the creation of Amelia's character.

We can't let our past dictate our future. The past is done and cannot be changes but God still has wonderful things to do with our future.

Find out more about Relient K at their website. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been is on the album MmHmm, which is not available on the Relient K website but should still be at most digital music retailers.

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