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Learn More about Regency England and Me

I'm hanging out on the World Wide Web today!

Learn more about Parliament and the voting process by getting lost in a story with Regan Walker. Oh yeah, and I'm giving away An Inconvenient Beauty while I'm at it.

Particularly learn what Ryland, Griffith, and Anthony are talking about when they mention "divisions" while sitting on the red benches of the House of Lords.

I know you love history, but sometimes getting a peek inside an author's mind can be just as interesting. Come join me on the couch and get all the scary and hilarious insights into my author head.

Among the things you'll learn... why I don't read reviews, the horror I go through with every book I write, and the worst writing advice I ever received. Oh yeah, and I'm giving away a book.

See you around the World Wide Web!

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